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The Holmes Hole Sailing Association
The 2016 Season’s Schedule


Pay dues and enter 2016 Moffett Race with one payment of $90!
Select:  Membership type = Boat owner including Moffett.

Thursday Evening and Sunday races all count towards Season's awards.
Check your Division assignments.  There will be two starting sequences,
one for Division B, then, 10 Minutes later, one for Division A.

Watch for new starting line to north of Nun 6 in Southernly Winds in order
to facilitate a Windward Start.
Refer to 2016 Circular for all instructions

25 Races only $60.00!
You can now pay your dues with Pay Pal or Credit Card by going to
Update your address, email, phone and boat information also. 

    Racing begins with the annual Tune-Up race Across the Sound, Sunday June 19TH at 12:00 Noon.  There will be three Rendezvous races, two across the sound races and Five Sundays of round the buoy harbor races.  In addition, Thursday evening racing will commence June 23rd with a 6 PM start at nun 6.  Members are invited to meet for results and picnic on the VHYC deck after the evening races.

With this variety of racing, every sailor should find something to enjoy!

    Use the regattanetwork.com address above to pay your dues of $60 or send a check to the Treasurer, Kathy Logue, Box 804, West Tisbury, 02575.  (508 693-7074)  New members please submit an entry form so we can “fit” a handicap.  Any monohull boat within reach is welcome for the entire season or just a race or two.  Ratings are updated after several races based on performance relative to the group.

Winners are often decided by seconds after racing for an hour and a half!

    The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing apply but remember this is Handicap racing for fun and we hope people self-administer the rules and do the two circles when necessary.  Keep in mind the differences in the maneuverability of the various classes of boats and note the Life Jacket requirement for all racers. 

On harbor race Sundays, the Vineyard Haven Yacht Club welcomes Holmes Holers to raft up and take
the noon break at the lunch counter as desired.  Harbor and Sound race results are announced about
5 PM or one hour after the committee boat has docked, which ever is earlier, at the Vineyard Haven Yacht Club.  Stop by to commiserate with friends.

Please help each other improve their sailing skills by joining in the after race discussion of tactics, strategies and the Racing Rules of Sailing.
Cups are awarded for first place for each race in two classes and seasons awards are awarded
at the annual meeting and pot luck dinner at the Stout's on Sept. 7th.

Moffett Race (9/10/2016)  
Requires a separate entry, unless using the new $90 joint entry method so watch for the Announcement in August.

Holmes Holers are invited to sail on  July 8-10 in the
Sail Martha’s Vineyard Vineyard Cup Racing weekend!
Consult www.Sailmv.com for schedule and instructions.
Brock Callen can help you get a PHRF certificate.

Holmes Holers are encouraged to participate in the Edgartown Yacht Club’s “Round the Island Race”
PHRF-NE Rating certificate required. 
Go to www.rtirace.org and www.phrfne.org for entry information

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Holmes Hole Race Committee Boat Assignments 2016
Please report to the VHYC at least 45 minutes before the start of the race and please plan to attend the post race results for the race you are officiating. In order to qualify for awards, each skipper must serve on the committee boat. These assignments were selected randomly from the 15 sailors who participated in the most races last year, with
the next 4 as alternates.

2016 Committee Boat Assignments

6/26 Harbor    10:00 Tom & Laurie Welch    2:00 David Lott
7/3 Chappy                                                       10:00 Phil Hale
7/17 Harbor    10:00 Mo Flam                2:00 Beckett Colson
7/24 Sound                                           12:00 Michael Loberg
7/31 Harbor     10:00 Frank Sutula      2:00 Woody Bowman
8/7 Sound                                                   12:00 Steve Besse
8/14 Robinson’s                                       10:00 Stuart Halpert
8/21 Harbor      10:00 Mead Wyman        2:00 Jerry Goodale
8/28 Tarp                                                10:00 Bow Van Riper
9/4 Harbor            10:00 Jim Dixon               2:00 John Stout

1. Tim Gollin
2. Irving Gates
3. Pieter Pil
4. Dan Culkin

Please let me know if you have a conflict: moflam@gmail.com

Scoring notes:
1. Tune-up race is not included in season's scoring.
2. 26 races are included, 40% of completed races can be discarded.
3. Half Season awards will be given for first place for June-July races, and Aug-Sept races.
4. All races will be scored by division.
Division A for Performance boats, Division B for Cruising boats.
Talk with race officer Becker if you have questions concerning division assignments.
5. Score for "did not compete" will be equal to total number of different boats in each division
that attended throughout the season.
6. Score for "did not finish" is equal to the number of boats competing in that race and division
plus one.
7. Any contender for season's awards, must serve once on the committee boat on a Sunday.
Regular racers will be scheduled for service but new contenders should make sure they are included.
8. Handicap numbers for boats which have competed in fewer than 10 races in the last 3 three years
or which have been significantly altered from previous years could be changed during the season.
This page was last updated: September 7, 2016

The following is the list of people who are interested in joining the HHSA fun and want to help crew on your boat. 

Jill White writes:  Hi ,
I'm interested in crewing. I have never raced before and my interest in crewing is to move towards mastering skills.  I'll tell you about my sailing experiences, now I live in VH, I am 58.        508-265-6734     vtmvjill@gmail.com     Jillwhite@discoverymap.com

Jim Jones writes:
I am looking for a crew position for the 2014 season.  Have been a sailor all my life.  20+ years of experience campaigning 33 to 41 foot boats in PHRF.  VHYC member with experience racing Solings and Sonars over the past ten years.  Foredeck experienced.  Jib trimmer and spinnaker flyer.  Also tactics and navigation experience. 781-395-2266

Susan Waldrop :  973-879-9813 and swaldrop@me.com
    May be available for Thursdays and Sunday afternoon races when not on Avanti.

                   If you would like to be posted as available crew, simply send info to                                                                                  email@Holmeshole.org. 

Skippers looking for Crew: